SAMAP ECOSYSTEME has chosen a motor with the following characteristics:

High powered, industrial and oversized motor. The exceptionnal finesse of the flour obtained is explained by th power of the motor. If crushing the grain is easy, obtaining exceptionally fine flour is difficult. 70% of the power of the motor is expressed in this range.
This power alloows a full -powered start to your mill, when there is still grain in the grinding chamber.
The oversized motor prevents a raise in temperature of its components with the transfer of this temperature to the grinding chamber, notably when your mill is functionning several hours in a row.

Asynchronous motor that avoids the use of carbon that generate dust, sparks and parasites on your electrical system, as welle as premature wear and tear. The asynchronous motor is recognized for its silence, its longevity and its robustness. It does not need any maintenance.

Reinforced bearings that support the stress and repeated shocks created in the grinding chamber during the cracking of the grain.

a safety overload system enables you to control and secure the functionning of the motor in the event of using a cereal that is, ,e.g., too humid.

The reason SAMAP ECOSYSTEME uses such solid and strong motors, is  because they are designed to function for
10 000 hours, that is 120 000 kg of fine flour (10 000 x 12kg/hr).
Assuming a family can use 10kg of flour per week (520 per year), the F100 mill motor has a life experiancy of 230 years (12000 kg/520 kg)utilise des moteurs aussi solides, c’est qu’ils sont conçus pour un fonctionnement de 10 000 heures, soit 120 000 kg de farine extra fine (10 000 X 12 kg/heure).
En partant du principe qu’une famille peut utiliser 10 kg de farine par semaine (soit 520 kg par an), le moteur du moulin F100 peut avoir une durée de vie espérée de 230 ans (120 000 kg / 520)!
These theoretical calculations  do not take in account the strain of grinding where motor is subjected to shocks and stresses. They are the expresion of the safety margins by SAMAP ECOSYSTEME so that, in the end, the user can keep their mills for a long time without risk of breakdown. 

Motor weight
6,9 kg
Amperage 3,5A
Power input
800 W
Power output
550 W
Revolutions per minute
2850 rev/min