The SAMAP advantages

Disapointed by existing grain mills, all the components were considered again, one by one, in order to create the ideal mill, without compromising on quality, finesse and preservation of the flour obtained.
Strengths of the SAMAP Handmill: 

• Usage of stone millstones for obtaining flour.

• Obtaining an optimal flour finesse through a coarse crushing.

• Regulatory systems allowing adaptation according to the strengh of the user and the characteristics of the cereals.

• Self-sharpenning of the millstonesx enable guaranteed consistent flour quality over time.

• Universal: allows you to grind all seeds, cereals, legumes and rice, provided they are dry and non oily or dry roastedc (e.g., soybeans). 

• Robustness of the millstones.  

• Safety margin in the choice of all mill components.

• Made in France. SAMAP ECOSYSTEME is not just a product retailler but remains, above all, the manufacturer, concernend with the quality of their products and capable of maintaining them in good working order for many years.