Technical Characteristics

• Instant direct reading: Digital LCD display (13 mm high).
Immediate result to the decimal with automatic recall of the product selected. 

• Wide measuring range: 1 - 50% moisture contents according to the type of grain.

• Temperature: The SAMAP-O-TEST is equipped with a liquide crystal thermometer.

• Funnel with valves: Indispensable, this innovation avoids weighing and crushing. It ensures the steady flow of the product. It guarantees consistency and precision of the result. It allows for rapid and successive measurements without touching the sample (e.g. 8 tests per minutes).

 • Portable appliance: With its own all-terrain case, the SAMAP-O-TEST H40 can accompany you everywhere, in the harvester, to the laboratory, to the drying house ...

Startup time 
Immediately after switching on
Measuring time
+/- 0,2% comparerd to the standard range
Accuracy  in repetition
0,1% in normal moisture range
Pre-programmed ranges
40 including humid treshed corn
Programmable ranges
Memorization of 10 ranges
Capacitive measurement
Measuring range
1 - 50% of moisture content (according to grain type)
Result display
Digital display (LCD 13 mm) 
EPROM (non-volatile) 
Measurement security
Auto-check with error signal

Power supply
Standard 9 V battery (preferably alkaline) 
Power display
Battery usage indicator
Electronic system with very low energy consumption
Liquid crystal thermometer
Measuring cell
230 cm3 (approx. 170 g of wheat) 
Funnel with valves avoid weighing and allow for repetitive measurements
Pourring cup
Schockproof carrying case
Tester dimensions
160 x 70 x 60 mm 
Funnel with valves : 
170 x 75 x 75 mm 
500g with funnel

Appliance has a 2-year warranty