Professional grain mill

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The Professional Grain Mill

With its large millstones in reconstituted stone, the PI model is offered in 6 different versions: 

• Motor 3KW : PI380/3 (380V version) and PI220/3 (220V version) 
• Motor 4KW : PI380/4 (380V version) and PI220/4(220V version)
• PI400/4CC (Motor 4KW) and PI400/3 (Motor 3KW) with an automatic stop when the hopper is empty.

They enable you to obtain 80 to 150 kg of flour per hour, depending on the motor and the finesse of the grind. The professional milsl constitute the best compromise between flour quality, grinding finesse and yield.
• Simple and universal usage
The Pi professional mill can take all cereals and legumes, provided that they are dry and not oily or dry roasted, like, e.g., soybeans.
The use of our mill can be extended to other products, e.g., pre-ground chestnuts, spices, ....
Regulation of finesse is easy and instantanous. It permits you to obtain all types of flour, from coarse crushing to a silky-smooth finesse.
The mill fits perfectly in a work environment where foods standarts are demanded by use of stainless steel 316L or 304L and cast anodized aluminium.

• Clean and dust-free usage
Expulsion of the flour by air, dust-free thanks to an ejector with an air filter. reception of the flour is in a miller style flour bag.

• Solid and robust construction
Thousands of hours of functioning without maintenance.
Powerful motor allowing a full-powered start when the grinding chamber is full.
Millstones in reconstituted stone (corundum and Naxos), bound by natural magnesia cement.
Self-sharpening  millstones, created to last without recutting.
Millstones guaranteed 2 years or 500 hours. Body and motor guaranted 5 years.

• Temperature stabilization system in the heart of the grinding chamber
Flour is not altered by a raise in temperature by grinding, thanks to a constant and effective cooling systeme of the millstones and the grinding chamber by the ventilator of the millstone and that of the motor (double ventilation).

• Adjustment systems
Handling finesse adjustment is made possible by a precision screw thread on the millstone. Precise grainflow control in the grinding chamber is made possible by a screw. The flow rate can be controlled by an ammeter that meseares the motor load connected to the grinding process.

Module d'arrêt électronique (modèle PI E 380/3 et PI E 380/4)
Intégration d'un système de gestion électronique pour l’arrêt du moteur lorsque l'entonnoir est vide.
Les modèles PI E380/3 et PI E 380V/4 possèdent les mêmes caractéristiques que les modèles  standards.