The domestic dough mixer T200

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The Dough Mixer

The SAMAP domestic dough mixer is the ideal complement to the grain mill.
The T200 dough mixer allows you to mix from 2 to 8 kg of dough, in just a few minutes, effortlesly, for all your domestic needs. 
It allows you to obtain a smooth dough, to control its elasticity whitout heating the dough or overly oxidizing it. Its slow yet powerful movements are clos to hand kneading.

The kneading respects the microorganisms present in the freshly ground flour.
Very sturdy, it mixes dough that canot be mixed by more fragile food processors designed for small quantities or liquid batters.

The dough mixer consists of a mixing bowl and a dough mixer with:

• A robust professional motor.
The T200 mixes up to 8 kg of dough, that is approx. 5 kg of flour.

• A planetery gear reducer with metal gears.
The T200 stands up to the stresses and strains of kneading a variety of dough and in particular, dough that is difficult to work with like bread dough, pizza dough or dough made with wholemeal flour. The gearbox ensures a slow and steady kneading for a speed of 48 revolutions/minute, no matter texture of the dough.

• A 17 liter pot out of 18/10 stainless steel with his lid.
Once covered, the pot can be used as a leavening chamber, avoiding the need to transfer the dough. It large size allows for the raising of up to 8kg of dough. The dough mixer comes with two  half moon covers, alowing for coverage of the container and avoiding temperature loss by protectiong it from air currents.
Without the dough mixer, it is usable as a cooking pot that allows for cooking without oil (not compatible with induction cooking).

• A hook and metallic elements in stainless steel.
In contact with the dough, the hook and the stainless steel elements are insensitive to acid attacks linked to fermentation.
Once the work is done, the stainless steel hook can be removed from the steel socket and cleans easily.
The SAMAP dough mixer is maintenance free and ready to use.